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 Feature: Degree Points

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PostSubject: Feature: Degree Points   April 19th 2009, 01:23

Degree Points

Q. What is Degree Points?
A. Its a new system in our RP forum where you need to do certain things to gain a point

Q. What is the use of Degree Points?
A. They're used has normal money : the more you have, the more you're rich. You can put them in the bank, give them to friends around, use it to buy objects, animals, buildings...

Q. Why did you created this system ?
A. Because some jobs, like musician or artist, don't gives lot of money, and the money can't be earned in different ways (like the farmers that can grow crops, have animals, etc). And to push people to participate more.

Q. How can I earn them?
A. By doing certain task, listed below.

Q. Where can I redeem them?
A. You'll be able to get normal items sold by the shop owners, and special object in the bazaar. Check a shop that NPC opens.

Q. Is there a limit on how many points we've got?
A. No

Q. So, my points will be reduced if I buy something
A. Thats correct.

Q. I have more questions!
A. Please PM Vice Mayor for the questions about Degree Points


    Starting Off
No of PointsHow to Earn
5 Registering to the forum
3 Invite a friend

Role Playing
No of PointsHow to Earn
1Join any RP topic
10Make a heart event
20Get married
40have a child
5Participate in Competition/festival
15Win a competition

    Farmer Type Jobs
No of PointsHow to Earn
3Make a topic related to job
2Every type of crops planted
2Every animals owned
5Every pregnanted animals
2Every type of animal products sold in a week

    Shop Owners
No of PointsHow to Earn
4Every Job related thread
2Every customer served
2Every one type item sold
2Every ordering supply thread

    Travellers & artist
No of PointsHow to Earn
4Every Job related thread
2Every new items created
2Every successful performance

    Kids/ Elders
No of PointsHow to Earn
1extra points of joining someone's job thread
2Being useful to others i.e. helping other's job
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Feature: Degree Points
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