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 A friend to visit

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PostSubject: A friend to visit   May 4th 2009, 08:35

After a few days since Dougy came to her shop, Lunatia went to his farm. With a mini map and small description of his farm, finally she found the entrance of his farm. There were a wooden sign read " Beauregard Farm".

"This should be it" she said, with full of happiness because she managed to find it without getting lost, yet.

Slowly she entered the farm, she can see the field that filled with weeds, stones and branches, a barn and chicken coop. Then she saw a house right on the other side of the field.

She get closed to the window next to the door and peeped inside, to see whether he's around
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PostSubject: Re: A friend to visit   May 6th 2009, 17:04

Dougy was checking the chicken cop's inside. It saw that, in fact, it wasn't really rotten and that chicken could normally live in it. It's sure that, with some expansion, it would become a lot more perfect for animal. So he opened the cop's door and got out of there. He walked toward his house. All was normal, until he noticed that someone was in front of his house. The long, brown hair told him that it was a girl...He recognized the blue dress. It was his friend, Lunatia.
Wanting to make her a little surprise, he moved forward her silently. When he was just behind her, Dougy almost screamed, with a mischievous face :

- What are you doing on my property !?
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A friend to visit
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