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 The Magical Library in a Fairy Tale Town

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PostSubject: The Magical Library in a Fairy Tale Town   May 14th 2009, 23:23

Pepi walked happily around the town when suddenly a Library appeared in front of her "Woaah how weird!! since when do buildings pop out from nowhere?" right after saying that she punched herself *I said something stupid again!! hope no one heard that...* looks around nervously *Uff... what a relief!! no one is around...* looks again at the Library "Anyway, I haven't seen this place before... how interesting~!!" an excited smile appears in her childish face "I hope they have shoujo mangas!!"

Cheerfully walked towards the door and opened it "Hii~!! is anybody here?" enters the Library "I would like to look around for a bit if that is possible"
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PostSubject: Re: The Magical Library in a Fairy Tale Town   May 16th 2009, 11:37

As always in Twilight Town, the morning was quite nice and calm. It was cloudy but Alexa doesn’t care, she could appreciate the light trought the windows of the library while she was working.
Suddenly, she heard a happy voice of a girl. She leaves the mangas section to go to the entry, she must greet the newcomer.

- Oh, welcome. I hope you’ll find some books you like, may I help you?

Her voice was a little quite because she still a little sleepy. Afterall, Alexa was kind of a lazy girl...
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The Magical Library in a Fairy Tale Town
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