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 Stephy's Presentation!~

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PostSubject: Stephy's Presentation!~   January 11th 2010, 17:24

Name : ('Stephanie') Stephy Maion

Age :26

Birthday :Spring 1st

Job :Nurse?

House :House n4

Farm/Store's Name : Works at Sylvarent Clinic with Nicholas

Personal Quality: Stephy is a girl that can be quite frightened. She hates scary things, and hates being in danger. Even though she can be quite and scaredy cat, she is a trustworthy girl who loves to meet people.

Blemish : Sometimes, Stephy can get mad when she sees spiders, insects, or bugs.

Story : When Stephy was born, her parents thought it was a bad thing that she was born on the 1st. Her parents were overprotective and didn't really want her to go outside and see the beautiful world. She was home school by her mom, and learned everything to become sucessful. When she turned 26, she told her parents that she was going to be a nurse in a far away land. They agreed to let her finally see the world since she was now an adult. She finally found a place to call home.

Invited by : Mayor!

3 Words: Windmill, Bazaar, and Crépuscule

Favorite : Chocolate Cake

Likes : Fruit, Chocolate, and Tomato

Dislikes : Insects, Fish, and Corn

Hate : Large Fish

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PostSubject: Re: Stephy's Presentation!~   January 11th 2010, 19:15

Hi Stephy-chan!!!
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Stephy's Presentation!~
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