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 Konata the traveling samurai

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PostSubject: Konata the traveling samurai   Konata the traveling samurai I_icon_minitimeJanuary 11th 2010, 18:56

Name : Konata Bokuto

Age : 19

Birthday : 1 Winter

Job : samurai and cook

House : I don't know

Farm/Store's Name : N/A

Personal Quality:intelligent, cheerful, friendly

Blemish :stubborn, lazy, cynical and sarcastic (when she's angry)

Story : Konata grew in a very dangerous city, for such reason its father, that it was a samurai I instruct, it in the arts of the sword, when dying its father, she promethium to take care of to its family with its life, which are their mother, her brothers and sisters.

After long time her dumb family to a calm town but, it separates of her family looking for her own destiny, due to her passion by the kitchen, she to worked in diverse restaurants and hotels, unfortunately her stay in them to be short due to many challenger look for that it to destroy to completes heiress of the Kaze no Densetsu (legendary wind), for that reason to had to travel of town in town.

Delay to be accepted in this new town and power to make many friendly.

Invited by : Stephy...I think


Favorite : play videogames, read and animals

Likes : pizza, chocolate, swords

Dislikes :presumptuous people, the fights without reason and the vetabel

Hate : the bad people
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Konata the traveling samurai
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