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 I wonder... ( Bryan)

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I wonder... ( Bryan) Empty
PostSubject: I wonder... ( Bryan)   I wonder... ( Bryan) I_icon_minitimeAugust 17th 2010, 06:27

It was a lovely afternoon. Birdie had felt as if she'd been rather bored recently so she decided to go for a walk. There were a few places that she loved to visit. The pond being one of them. The girl took her time walking to the Harvest Goddess' Pond, making sure to grab a flower along the way.

Once the girl arrived at the pond... she threw the flower into the pond and held her hands together. Then she said a small prayer to the Harvest Goddess before sitting down near the edge and staring into it. She wasn't sure but there was just something about this place that she found magical.
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I wonder... ( Bryan)
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