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 HMRPG's Rules

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Harvest Moon RP Rules

Technique Rules

Like in any proper rp forum, you have to give your character a name. No numbers or special character (~, °, ( ), :, etc) are allowed in the names. So, no harvest_lord1285, even though you have decided of a name. Your username have to be the name of your character. You can't take Harvest Moon's special name (Vaughn, Muffy, Nami) has your name, but you can take the common one (Chelsea, Elliot, Julia), but you can't act has the HM character who have this name. So you can't be named Lloyd and act like a rough, lonely person.
Thanks to put the first letter of your name in capital letter.

Your avatar has to be an image of Harvest Moon, of course. You can take any character of any harvest moon. i recommend to take the ones that has directly a talking face (like in Island of Happiness or Wind Bazaar). If you want to take a character from Exiting Animal March for example, cut the character at his shoulder or a little bit below. No head-to-feet character !

You can modify your character's hair or body colors, but let the rest. You can't change the hair's form (except if its for remove a hat or a ribbon) or the body's form. For the animation, only winks are accepted, and normal ones of the two eyes.
If you find yourself horrible with Paint or Photoshop, just ask me or the Vice Mayor to change it for you, and we'll be pleased to help you out.

Avatar Site with HM:DS, Island and Sunshine sprite.

Fogu's forum sprite of the Wind characters.

The time does not fly like in real life since there's only 4 months in the Harvest Moon World. Each in game month count has a real month, so basically a year in the games take 4 months in real life. So, in one real year, there is 3 in game years that pass.
When we're in a month with 31 days, we'll ignore the 31st day in the calendar, and when we fall on February, we'll « jump » some, for example, in game, it'll be 22nd, 23nd, 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th. Fortunately, which day we're jumping will be wrote somewhere in the news.
Word No 1 : Bazaar

Role Playing Rules

RP = Role Play

Note : Since we're not on your cellphone, you'll have to write full English like I do. No SMS will be tolerated.

You have to post new topic with a clear name of it (Eg : Taking a little Scroll). 3 peoples or less can participate in one topic, because if you are more, some of the people will have problem to keep up.

For making and action, you'll have to write in italic.
Eg : The Mayor finished his breakfast and decided to take a little stroll.

For talking, you can simply write it, put a "-" at the beginning of the sentence, or put it between " " or « ».
Eg : - Hello Glenn. How are you today ? / « Hello Glenn. How are you today ? »

For thinking something, you have to put it between * *.
Eg : * Hmm....maybe a should had eating more during this breakfast....I'm so hungry !*

When you make a post, you can't directly begin to talk. You have to make a little introduction of the actions that brought you there. For example, a post like that...

- I wonder what can i do today !

...doesn't show lot of rping. Here's a little example to show you how it is supposed to be (this rping supposed the mayor is near the church, so in the church topic) :

" The Mayor woke up early in the morning and quickly took a breakfast. He felt really happy this morning and decided to take a little stroll in the town to see how people were. He took he's time to stop around and talking a bit to people. He was near the Church when Glenn, the carpenter, bumped into him.
- Oh ! Hello Glenn. You surprised me ! How are you ?
* Hmm....maybe a should had eating more during this breakfast....I'm so hungry !* "

(Normally, your thoughts are directly linked with the conversation, but its an example.)
So your topic don't have to be too short. Then, you just have to wait for the other person to answer.
You can either let anybody participate to your conversation (first come, first served) by just righting the name of your topic in the topic's name (Eg : Scroll in Town). If you want to have a conversation with a specific person, you have to write after the topic name {Pv Person's Name}.
Eg : Scroll in Town {Pv Glenn}.
You can't talk for the other person ! Let him/her answer by himself/herself.
You can't use in a topic an object that you don't have. For example, some object are purchasable with the points (see the points topic for more info about it) and you can't act like you have them without buying it.
Example : The big bed (for marrying) can be purchased with the points. If you don't have enough points to buy it, you can't get married !
Word no 2 : Windmill

There are 5 different types of event you can participate in (see below for more info about heart event) :
Heart Event : A love event between a boy and a girl. Nobody other then these two can participate in it, except if the two are in a place like a dinner, but the owner won't be able to fully participate, just make a little entrance. Thanks to put "X Heart Event {Pv Y}", where X is a color of heart (black, purple, blue, yellow or orange) and y the name of the bachelor/bachelorette you're courting. You can even find a original and cute name for the heart event ! ("Cute Name - X Heart Event {Pv Y}")
Random Event : Any event between any characters. You can be up to 3 persons in it. Thanks to talk about Harvest Moon related things like what happened yesterday, the fact that you love 3 different girls or that you want to divorce...But please, no Pokemon or Naruto talking.
Festivals : Events that take places in many different places, depending of the festival, but mostly in the Square, where you have to do different thing.
Family Event : An event between the member of a family. Like heart event, only the concerned persons can participate.

3-Marriage & Family
You can court one or more person of the opposite sex, if you're not decided between lots of character. Thanks to not overdo it and date anything that pass next to you. You can put each character you're dating in your signature with the heart were you're reached next to his/her name.

~> ~> ~> ~> ~> ~>

There is 5 heart event that you have to pass through to marry your love : the Black, the Purple, the Blue, the Yellow and the Orange.
You have to fill them all and have purchased the big bed to get married. After that, you can buy a blue feather and ask for your love's hand. The two of you then has to go see the mayor to choose a date.A few days later, you'll get married to him/her at the Church, at the beach, at the mountain or at the Square (has you wish).
When the two of you have decided to try to have a child (in a topic, or by saying it to the mayor) and when you purchased a crib, two weeks later, you/your wife will feel ill and both of you will go to the clinic were you'll learn that you or she's pregnant. 1 month later, your child will be born. 1 month after, he'll start crawling around and after 1 month, he'll walk and starts talking. Again 2 months (on it's first birthday), your child will be a 3 years old boy/girl ! He/she can now be incarnated by a real person on the forum and can start thinking and acting on its own !
You can have more then one child, or you can adopt a child at the adoption center.
Word no 3 : Crépuscule (yes it's french)
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HMRPG's Rules
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