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 The Supermarket

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PostSubject: The Supermarket   The Supermarket I_icon_minitimeApril 23rd 2009, 07:17

Confeito, the supermarket is open everyday, except festivals, from sun up till midnight. However, on the weekends it close early at 3pm. As the owner will go to the supplier's shop to get some more supply for her shop.

Each season you'll find the crop seeds you'll need to grow in his shop. On the 30th of the season you'll be able to buy the next season's crop seeds, and the previous season's seeds will be removed from the shop display on the 1st of the next season. However, if you still wish to buy them, you could ask for it.

Each morning, before the shop is open, the owner of the supermarket will make sure that everything in their correct place, neatly arranged on the display counter.

Starting with the eastern side of the shop, where she place all the seeds and farming tools.

Turnip Seed30P1 bag = 1 seed, Spring
Potato Seed50P1 bag = 1 seedSpring
Strawberry Seed10P1 bag = 1 seedSpring
Cucumber Seed30P1 bag = 1 seedSpring
Cabbage Seed260P1 bag = 1 seedSpring
Tomato Seed30P1 bag = 1 seed, Summer
Corn Seed70P1 bag = 1 seed, Summer
Onion Seed50P1 bag = 1 seed, Summer
Pumpkin Seed160P1 bag = 1 seed, Summer
Pineapple Seed410P1 bag = 1 seed, Summer
Eggplant Seed50P1 bag = 1 seed, Fall
Carrot Seed90P1 bag = 1 seed, Fall
Yam Seed70P1 bag = 1 seed, Fall
Spinach Seed50P1 bag = 1 seed, Fall
Pepper Seed50P1 bag = 1 seed, Fall
Banana Seed300P40 days to grow, 4 days regrow (in summer)
Orange Seed500P43 days to grow, 4 days regrow (in summer)
Peach Seed700P58 days to grow, 4 days regrow (in summer)
Apple Seed200P52 days to grow, 4 days regrow (in summer)
Grape Seed400P58 days to grow, 4 days regrow (in summer)
Food & Ingredients
Curry Powder40P
Rice Balls80P
Pepper Seed80P
Wrapping Paper80P
Refrigerator300PRequire House's 1st Expansion. Diner of anytype begin right away with it.
Kitchen450PRequire House's 1st Expansion. Diner of anytype begin right away with it.
Big Bed1000PRequire House's 2nd Expansion.
Baby Bed600PRequire House's 2nd Expansion.
Normal Bed800PRequire House's 2nd Expansion.

After all the checking is done, she's now prepared to open up her shop. With a small prayer, she wishes may today there will be customer come to her shop.

The supermarket will also sell furnitures, and other special seeds like trees, and grains once it has expand.
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The Supermarket
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