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 Luke's Profile

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House : Summer Breeze Inn
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PostSubject: Luke's Profile   April 23rd 2009, 08:38

Name : Luke Rozenkrantz

Age : 20

House : Inn

Farm/Store's Name : Summer Breeze Inn

Personal Quality (virtue that your character has): Friendly, always smile, and thoughtful

Blemish (a bad attitude that your character has) : Shy, never show his real feelings to anyone, weak body.

Story : Luke is a youngest son from a family that has managed many Inns in other towns. He was born with a weak body but was gifted with a clever managing brain. Thats why he became his parents beloved son among of all and often get bullied by his siblings for the unfair treatment. One day, his father received a notice that a new inn manager is needed in Twilight Town, and so he asked any of his son wants to move in there, but no one wanted, as it is a new built town. His Dad disappointed knowing non of his son want to take over the family business. Out of pity, he volunteered himself to take the task. The parents disagreed, but the other siblings of him agreed, because that would mean, there's no more unfair treatment in the house, after a long argument, finally the parents let him go.


Favorite : Tea, Milk, Eggs

Likes : Tuna, Omelette, Flowers

Dislikes : Curry Bread

Hate : Weeds and Curry Bread


3 Words : Accepted- by Vice Mayor
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Vice Mayor


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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Profile   April 23rd 2009, 08:41

Presentation Accepted.

Welcome to Twilight Town !
If there any question, please ask us.
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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Profile   April 24th 2009, 08:34

Welcome Luke!
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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Profile   April 25th 2009, 11:12

Hi Luke !!
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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Profile   

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Luke's Profile
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