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 A New Home for Eden

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A New Home for Eden Empty
PostSubject: A New Home for Eden   A New Home for Eden I_icon_minitimeApril 25th 2009, 22:24

"So this is where I will be staying." Eden smiled before opening the front door of the small pet shop. All the inventory had reached the store before she had. Which was quite a surprise.

Her eyes wondered to the dog's playpen as she watched the small puppies bark and run around the four foot by four foot pen. If only she could be happy like them, then maybe she could finally start having fun.

With a sigh she looked toward the stairs on the west wall. "That must lead to the living quarters." The smile came back on her face as she quickly ran up them. It was smaller than she expected but it had all the needed things for living. The kitchen made up the first half while the other just had a bed along with a couch and a small television that most likely just had the weather channel. Then the bathroom had to the door that lead off the kitchen.

Eden had a feeling she was going to like this place.
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A New Home for Eden
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