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 Come on in!!

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PostSubject: Come on in!!   April 28th 2009, 17:02

Welcome to Flowerbud Pastry Bakery!!

we are not open to business yet but please take a look at our store and enjoy the bread smell for now Wink

Here we have the menu but the prices aren't ready yet so... wait a little please~!!

PictureName Price
Relaxation Tea 50P
Hot Milk 100P
Hot Chocolate100P
Jam Bun 50P
Dinner Roll50P
Raisin Bread 50P
Steamed Bun 100P
Toast 50P
French Toast 100P
Pancakes 350P
Pudding 50P
Pumpkin Pudding 100P
Ice Cream 100P
Sponge Cake 150P
Cake 200P
Chocolate Cake 300P
Cheese Cake 250P
Apple Pie 250P
Cookies 50P
Chocolate Cookies 100P

Thank you for your visit
Please come back!!

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Come on in!!
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