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 Come on in!!

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Come on in!! Empty
PostSubject: Come on in!!   Come on in!! I_icon_minitimeApril 28th 2009, 17:02

Welcome to Flowerbud Pastry Bakery!!

we are not open to business yet but please take a look at our store and enjoy the bread smell for now Wink

Come on in!! Bakery10

Here we have the menu but the prices aren't ready yet so... wait a little please~!!

Come on in!! Flower10 Come on in!! Menu10 Come on in!! Flower12

PictureName Price
Come on in!! Food_relaxteaRelaxation Tea 50P
Come on in!! Food_hotmilkHot Milk 100P
Come on in!! Pot_hotcocoa Hot Chocolate100P
Come on in!! Food_jampanJam Bun 50P
Come on in!! Food_butterbread Dinner Roll50P
Come on in!! Food_raisinbread Raisin Bread 50P
Come on in!! Steamer_steamedbun Steamed Bun 100P
Come on in!! Frypan_donuts Doughnut100P
Come on in!! Food_toast Toast 50P
Come on in!! Food_frenchtoast French Toast 100P
Come on in!! Food_hotcakesPancakes 350P
Come on in!! Food_puddingPudding 50P
Come on in!! Food_ppudding Pumpkin Pudding 100P
Come on in!! Food_icecream Ice Cream 100P
Come on in!! Steamer_spongecake Sponge Cake 150P
Come on in!! Food_cake Cake 200P
Come on in!! Food_chococakeChocolate Cake 300P
Come on in!! Food_cheesecake Cheese Cake 250P
Come on in!! Food_applepie Apple Pie 250P
Come on in!! Food_cookies Cookies 50P
Come on in!! Food_chococookies Chocolate Cookies 100P

Thank you for your visit
Please come back!!

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Come on in!!
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