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 Dougy's Presentation

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PostSubject: Dougy's Presentation   April 21st 2009, 23:28

Name : Dougy Beauregard

Age : 20

Birthday : Spring 10th

House : Hérard Farm

Farm/Store's Name : Beauregard's Farm

Personal Quality (virtue that your character has): Funny, outgoing, reaaally not rancorous

Blemish (a bad attitude that your character has) : perfectionist, impatient, stubborn, idler (lazy)

Story : Dougy was raised in a big family ; he had 5 brothers and 3 sisters, making them 9 children in all. He's used with to share everything he has with his family. E-ve-ry-thing. He's mother was from France, and she really wanted her children to speak french, so Dougy is bilingue. He's father worked in an office an his mother stayed at home to take care of her children. Dougy always found his father's job boring, and wanted to work somewhere where he don't have to always stress and can work at his own pace. That's why, when he heard that his uncle died, leaving a whole farm, and that a town was built around this farm, he decided to take it quickly !

Favorite : Cheese

Likes : Chocolate, Cucumber, Grape Juice, Ice Cream

Dislikes : Skin Lotion, Marmalade, Peanut Butter

Hate : Groats (holled grain)


3 Words : Accepted

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PostSubject: Re: Dougy's Presentation   April 22nd 2009, 00:23

Presentation Accepted.

Mayor of Twilight Town
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PostSubject: Re: Dougy's Presentation   April 22nd 2009, 13:28

Welcome to Twilight Town.
If there any question, dont hesistate to ask us.
You can start your RP anytime you want.

Happy RPing Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Dougy's Presentation   

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Dougy's Presentation
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